Why Should I hire an Event Planner?

When you're hosting your first event and trying to keep costs down, hiring an event planer might seem like an unnecessary  expense.  But it's not   Here are a few reasons why to hire an event planner.. all of which I learned planning  my own special event.

  1.  Save time there are some details that you may not be aware of and hiring an event planner can minimize the searching and the hours of a task or two.
  2. As hard as it may seem you will save money.  You think paying a planner your spending more money right?  Not so!  We know your budget and how for you to stick to it.
  3.  You can breathe, when planning your own event you gave yourself a very, very big job.  You can step back, regroup and focus on what you do best.

How much is an Event Planner?

Here at Cozy Events we work with your budget..  We offer hourly consultations, Day Coordination, Design, Set Up, and several different packages that can be combine such as A La Carte.

Do we have to use your workers?

No, we do have professional Florist, Photographer and Caterer on our staff we like to think of it as a 1 stop shop for all of your needs however we understand that not everyone needs a full staff that's why we are different then most planners.